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About Us

Cozy Bug USA
5904 W. 74th St, 
Los Angeles, CA 

So far with your help Cozy Bug has donated 1600 chickens and 1400 cows! We have also sponsored 2 women for a year that were victims of hate crimes in Africa, and provided hospital care for 10 people for 2 weeks! Keep letting your light shine!!!! FromCozy Bug to you-Thank you!!!

Our Mission: 

10% will be donated to the women and children of the Congo. The money will go to providing the victims of hate crimes a bed in a safehouse and the health care they need. It will also go to providing the women farm animals when they leave so they can rebuild their lives and provide for their families. 

Our Vision: 

Why not buy products you normally buy but from companies dedicated to helping the World? If every person does just a little bit it makes a HUGE difference. If we teach our children this the next generation will move mountains! Help us stop horrible hate crimes in Africa and around the World!

How You Can Help:

Shop, shop, shop ……….and tell your friends about Cozy Bug's mission! This is a grass roots movement! Visit so you can learn more about the needs and see how much a little goes a long way. We need your help to help others! Cozy Bug's Boutique-adorable dresses on loving kids!